Chinese language courses Sprachcaffe Beijing

Beijing; the Past and the Present, China’s ancient rulers displayed their power and lordship through the construction of magnificent palaces, imperial residences and scores of temples. Our school lies right within the Imperial Ancestral Temple, in the Wen Hua Gong building. This area is surrounded by the concealed yet imposing beauty of the Forbidden City, with trees, hundreds of years old and garden landscaping in Chinese style.

Chinese language school Sprachcaffe Beijing

Language courses

Our school is located in the WEN HUA GONG palace in the Forbidden City.

Language courses start on Mondays and end on Fridays; Levels are set up to the result of a placement test.

Our address is: Wen Hua Gong 2612, 100006 Peking

Holidays in 2019 without lessons: 05. & 30.04.; 01.01.5; 07.06.; 13. & 30.09.; 01. & 04. & 07.10.19.

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Chinese language courses Sprachcaffe Beijing

Group tuition

Semi-Intensiv 20 lessons

260 € first week - 210 € additional week

Intensiv 30 lessons

360 € first week - 310 € additional week

Private tuition

Price for every 10 lessons
370 € first week - 320 € additional week

Lessons have 45 minutes, group maximum of 8 participants, minimum age: 18 years.

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Accommodation Beijing


We offer accommodation in a residence.

Residence with half board

DR 330 € first week - 280 € additional week
SR 550 € first week - 490 € additional week

Prices include accommodation from Sunday before the course to Saturday after the course; during seasonal times a weekly surcharge of 30 € will be added.

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